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​Our Fields of Activity

​Stelzer Holding; It stands out as a leading holding in the wholesale electronics, retail electronics and coffee sectors. With our wide product range and leading brands in the industry, we are successfully progressing towards becoming a reliable business partner by offering quality products and services to customers.

​Wholesale Electronics

​Our holding, which operates in the wholesale electronics sector, meets the needs of businesses and offers technological solutions by providing wholesale purchase and sale of electronic products.

Retail Electronics

Our company, which has an important place in the retail electronics industry, facilitates access to technology and improves daily life by delivering various electronic products to consumers.

​Food & Beverage

Our holding, which also operates in the food and beverage and coffee industry, provides customers with a delicious coffee experience by offering various types of coffee and by-products and is recognized as one of the leading brands in the sector.


​BlueCell Trading LTD is a reliable supplier specializing in wholesale of electronic products. It aims to offer the best quality products to its customers with its wide product range and competitive prices. Acting in line with the principles of reliability, quality and customer satisfaction, BlueCell Trading LTD offers solutions that add value to its business partners and customers. With its innovative approach and professional team, BlueCell Trading LTD continues its leadership in the sector as one of the leading brands in electronic retailing. Constantly improving and renewing itself to meet the needs of its customers, BlueCell Trading LTD acts with the vision of being a reliable business partner in the electronics industry.


​Quality Products and Services

​BlueCell Trading LTD prioritizes quality and reliability in electronic products. It is known as a reliable supplier by offering the best brands and products to its customers. Always prioritizing customer satisfaction, BlueCell Trading LTD meets customer demands by providing fast and effective service.

​Competitive Prices and Flexible Solutions

​BlueCell Trading LTD offers its customers a wide range of products at competitive prices. With its flexible solutions, it offers solutions that suit the needs of its customers and aims to establish long-term collaborations with its business partners. Offering quality at affordable prices, BlueCell Trading LTD maintains its leading position in the industry with its customer-oriented approach.



​Sharaf Electrostore, as a leading retail store of electronic products and home appliances, offers the best quality products to its customers. With years of experience, it always prioritizes customer satisfaction while guaranteeing quality and reliability. Offering a wide range of products at affordable prices, Sharaf Electrostore aims to provide the best value to its customers with options suitable for every budget.

Dereboyu Sharaf Store
Çatalköy Sharaf Store
Girne Sharaf Store
Alsancak Sharaf Store
Teknik Servis
Teknik Servis

​Leading Store in Quality and Diversity

​Sharaf Electrostore, as the leading retail store of electronic products and home appliances, offers quality and variety to customers. With its wide product range, state-of-the-art products and reliable brands, Sharaf Electrostore offers solutions for all kinds of needs. It aims to perfect the shopping experience with its expertise in electronics and the importance it attaches to customer satisfaction.

​Customer Satisfaction at Affordable Prices

​Sharaf Electrostore always makes customer satisfaction a priority by offering quality products at affordable prices. With options suitable for every budget, it best responds to customers' needs and makes the shopping experience enjoyable. With its reliable service approach, Sharaf Electrostore aims to establish a long-term relationship by offering the best value to its customers.


​Stelzer Holding is appreciated by taste lovers as a name that makes a difference in the food and beverage industry. Thanks to its collaborations with distinguished brands such as Melitta Professional and Tchibo Coffee&Services, it aims to offer the highest quality products to its customers. Offering its customers the most special aromas and freshest beans that come to mind when it comes to coffee, Stelzer Holding brings together the unique flavors of these brands in the field of food and beverages.

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​Beans&Bakes, a new taste stop born under the roof of Stelzer Holding, is located in the Alsancak district of Kyrenia. This unique venue, with sea and mountain views, offers its guests an extraordinary experience.

The cafe is equipped with Melitta's unique coffee varieties. While Melitta's carefully selected coffees leave an unforgettable mark on the palate, our guests will feel like they are in the paradise of coffee lovers.

Beans&Bakes' menu includes a variety of delicacies such as cakes, snacks and cakes. These snacks, which are a perfect match with coffee, are among the indispensable parts of pleasant conversations and memorable moments.

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