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Electronic Products

As Sharaf Electro Store and Bluecell Wholesale, we offer a wide range of electronic products. While a variety of products such as smartphones, computers, televisions, home electronics and accessories are offered to customers, both brands offer cutting-edge products and innovative solutions.


Vision of Progress and Adding Value

Stelzer Holding is a dynamic holding company operating in the fields of electronic retail and wholesale. First of all, it has an active position in the electronics industry by incorporating leading brands such as Sharaf Store and TCL Cyprus. Additionally, it has created its own service network in the coffee industry with the Tchibo and Beans&Bakes brands. Our vision is to add value to our customers' lives by providing the highest quality products and services and to become a pioneer in the industry. We aim to continuously improve with our approach focused on innovation, quality, sustainability and customer satisfaction. We make future investments to leave a positive impact on society and adhere to honesty, transparency and ethical values in our business. With this strong vision, we aim to consolidate our leading position in the sector and expand our impact.


Consumer Electronics Retail and Wholesale

When it comes to the variety of electronic products in the market, Bluecell and Sharaf Store are by far the pioneers in Northern Cyprus.

Şeffaf Geometrik Nesneler


Inspiring Leadership for Change

Stelzer Holding, a reliable name in the business world with its corporate structure, is known for the value-oriented services it provides to its customers. Maintaining its leading position in the sector with its innovative approaches and quality solutions, the company always prioritizes customer satisfaction. With a wide range of products and reliable business partners, Stelzer Holding has a strong reputation in the business world. With its corporate solutions and professional team, Stelzer Holding is known as a business partner that adds value to its customers.

Stelzer Holding

we are Stelzer



3,000 m²







Some Brands We Serve

We have a comprehensive service network in the field of electronics, starting from technology giants such as Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi and TCL. We also cooperate with leading brands in the coffee industry such as Melitta and Tchibo. Our collaborations with these brands allow us to offer quality products and services to our customers and strengthen our leadership in the industry. We are constantly expanding our brand portfolio and strengthening our collaborations to offer the best experience to our customers.

Stelzer Markalar


We are looking for innovative talents to join our team. See open positions and send your CV.


Alayköy, Lefkoşa

​For this position, we are looking for a candidate who will contribute to the company's supply chain management, manage relationships with suppliers, negotiate pricing and optimize supply processes. Must have at least a bachelor's degree and preferably have experience in purchasing or supply chain management. Candidates with strong analytical thinking skills, high communication skills and problem-solving skills can apply.

Stelzer Foundation

Stelzer Vakfı

Supporting the communities in which we operate and giving back to society is at the core of Stelzer's philanthropic responsibility.

Stelzer FoundationIt has played an active role in helping local communities develop for years and is increasingly fulfilling its mission in society.

We believe that businesses can actively make their living spaces a better place through various organizations and sponsorships in areas such as sports, education and health, as well as various social responsibility projects.

The Foundation continually aims to create greater impact through new initiatives that integrate social values into operational and business strategies.

In addition to supporting students' education by providing scholarships, the Stelzer Foundation prepares young people for the business world by offering internship opportunities. In this way, we strengthen our mission of giving back to society while raising future leaders. Along with social responsibility projects, we focus on improving the quality of life of the society with our support and sponsorships in various fields such as sports, education and health. The Stelzer Foundation aims to continuously contribute to society through innovative initiatives that aim to create greater impacts by integrating social values into business strategies.

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