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​Career Opportunities

​It opens its doors to talented individuals who want to make a career in a dynamic and innovative working environment. Join us to contribute to the growth of a leading company and improve yourself. Visit our profile for current career opportunities.



​Our head office is in Alayköy Industrial Zone!

​This strategic location places the center of our business in the vibrant business environment of the region, allowing us to operate in a center focused on innovation and technology. The dynamism of Alayköy Industrial Zone and its potential in the business world provides a significant advantage for the growth and development of our company.


​As Stelzer Holding, we are excited to recruit talented and motivated individuals. By working with us, we offer you an opportunity to advance your career and take important steps towards success.

Professional Development
We support you to advance your career and maximize your personal potential. We encourage continuous learning and growth through our training and development programs.

Business Opportunities
You can find the opportunity to shape your career in the direction you want with job opportunities in various sectors. You may have the chance to work in different positions in electronic retail, the coffee industry and more.

Dynamic Working Environment
Stelzer Holding offers an innovative and dynamic working environment. We value teamwork and encourage diversity.

Social Responsibility
We take our commitment to giving back to society seriously. You can have the chance to make a difference in society by participating in our social responsibility projects.


​Girne, Çatalköy and Alsancak Sharaf Store

In this role, we are looking for a candidate who will present their products and services to potential customers, offer the most appropriate solutions by understanding customer needs, and collaborate to achieve sales goals. Must be at least a high school graduate and preferably have sales experience. Candidates with high communication skills, strong persuasive abilities, prone to teamwork and able to adapt to flexible working hours can apply.


​For this position, we are looking for a candidate who will contribute to the company's supply chain management, manage relationships with suppliers, negotiate pricing and optimize supply processes. Must have at least a bachelor's degree and preferably have experience in purchasing or supply chain management. Candidates with strong analytical thinking skills, high communication skills and problem-solving skills can apply.


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