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​Board of Directors

Abdel Wadoud Stelzer

​Founder and Chairman

Abdel Wadoud Stelzer

He is an experienced leader with higher education in the field of economics. He has a remarkable position in the business world with his determination and vision. It provides strategic direction to achieve our corporate goals and focuses on the success of our company.

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​Sales Director

Engin Kablan

​He has been working in sales and marketing for over 25 years. With his experience in the technology and telecommunication sectors, he leads our company's sales and marketing strategies. He adds value to our team with his strong customer-oriented approach and leadership qualities.

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Nil Kunter

Experienced Finance Director Nil Kunter, responsible for the financial management of our holding, has many years of experience in the music and retail industries. She specializes in business planning, management and financial analysis.

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