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Stelzer Vakfı

​Stelzer Foundation

​Supporting the communities in which we operate and giving back to society forms the basis of Stelzer's philanthropic responsibility.

Stelzer Holding

​Empowering Communities

​Supporting communities and giving back is at the core of Stelzer's philanthropic mission. The Stelzer Foundation has played an active role in helping to develop local communities and continues to increase its impact in society.

Stelzer Holding

Creating a Positive Impact

​Through sponsorships and various social responsibility projects in areas such as sports, education and health, Stelzer aims to actively contribute to making societies a better place to live. Our initiatives aim to improve individuals' well-being and encourage positive changes.

Stelzer Holding

Investing in the Future

​In addition to our community-focused efforts, the Stelzer Foundation continues our commitment to supporting education and empowering future generations by offering internships and scholarships to students. We are constantly looking for innovative ways to integrate social values into our business strategies.

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